Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the difference between Granpa BB’s Original and Granpa BB’s LITE?

Both are the same basic product – each contains 28 delicious, nutritious and healthy products.

However in a “nutshell” the LITE version contains a lesser quantity and variety of fruit and a greater quantity and variety of grains and seeds. Additionally the LITE product has a lesser quantity of nuts and no honey nor maple syrup in the toasting mix.

Granpa BB’s Original appeals to those who seek a nutritious, very healthy muesli that is full of flavour.

• It is the more popular of my two products at the present time.

Granpa BB’s LITE appeals to those who seek a tasty nutritious and a very, very healthy muesli.

NOTE:  LITE remains the only muesli in New Zealand to gain the Heart Foundation Two Ticks of approval for its unique, healthy composition.

Is there anywhere I can sample Granpa BB’s before I buy?

Yes – If you wish to sample my muesli before buying you are welcome to come along to the Clevedon Farmers’ Market in South Auckland each Sunday between 8.30am and 1.00pm where I operate a stall.  This outlet is the only direct selling point for my muesli.

Each Sunday I offer samples of Original and LITE and also provide a sample of Original made into a bircher muesli – creamy and real yummy – see my bircher recipe set out in a question below.

Is Granpa BB’s more expensive than other mueslis?

The truthful answer to this question is both “yes” and “no”.  Plainly my product is more expensive than ‘bulk bin’ or mass produced type mueslis. But equally plainly it is far better quality than those products.

In comparison to other good quality mueslis on offer my muesli is fully price competitive.

Example:  Many top end mueslis are sold in supermarkets in 350g or 400g packs for between $14.00-18.00 a pack. This equates to a price range of $40.00-50.00/kg. My 1kg pack sells at $30.00 – courier delivered to your door! So to buy a 1kg pack is more of an outlay – but plainly it will last longer than a supermarket 350-400g pack and substantially better value is achieved.

To return to the question, if one compares “apples” with “apples” then my muesli is substantially cheaper than other quality mueslis.

Can Granpa BB’s be made into a BIRCHER style muesli?

Absolutely – for both Original and LITE.  Because my muesli has only been lightly toasted the cereals will absorb the liquid of the milk or fruit juice or other liquid that you use to soak the “raw” muesli in for a few hours or overnight.

My Recipe

  1. Mix half a cup of Granpa BB’s with half a cup of any liquid – milk, soy milk, coconut water, fruit juice – I use apple juice.
  2. Place the mixture in the fridge for a few hours – or overnight.
  3. In the morning grate one quarter of a crisp apple – Granny Smith is a great choice.
  4. Also in morning – mix in a few spoonful’s of your favourite yoghurt – flavoured or unflavoured – your choice.
  5. Additionally (it’s your choice) you can add a few pieces of fruit such as strawberry, pear, kiwifruit, blueberries – whatever you like or is about …………..


  1. The above recipe is for a single serve only.
  2. If you are preparing for two persons then you would double the quantities – and so on depending on the number of servings and their size!
  3. No need to make a batch every day. Start at beginning of the week. The batch will last as long as milk/juice will stay healthy in the fridge BUT add the grated apple, yoghurt and/or fruit each day before serving!

Does Granpa BB’s make a good smoothie?

Yes – Definitely.

You can make the best smoothie in New Zealand


  • ½ cup (approx..50gm) of Granpa BB’s.–Original or LITE
  • 1 cup of liquid – milk (any sort) or fruit juice (your choice), or almond or soy milk, coconut water etc.
  • A few spoons of any fruit – cut into chunks. Banana, kiwifruit, apple, pear are great choices.
  • A couple of spoons of yoghurt – either flavoured or plain – your choice.
  • 4-5 small ice blocks – gives a great “chilled” effect – but ice is not essential.

Place all ingredients in a Nutribullet or similar machine.

  • “Whizz” for about 20 seconds.

DRINK UP –   you have made the most delicious and healthy smoothie available in New Zealand – all for about $2.00.

Making a Purchase

Can I purchase Granpa BB’s in any shops and/or supermarkets?

No – I have made the conscious decision not to sell my muesli through shops and/or supermarkets.


  • The added cost to you the consumer (and the “inevitably” disounted payment to me the producer) make this method of selling “less than highly attractive”.
  • I want to retain the direct contact between me as producer and you as consumer at all times.
  • I do not have the staff, delivery vehicles or corporate ‘infrastructure’ to undertake deliveries to stores throughout New Zealand.
  • Personal (Courier delivery) of long ‘Shelf Life’ products such as my muesli is the future method of sale/uptake delivery for such quality food products.
  • Such a system is ‘Carbon Beneficial’
  • My courier delivery system has proven very successful overs 5 years to to date with thousands of completed successful deliveries- and with virtually no delivery problems encountered over that time.

How Can I Purchase Granpa BB’s?

The simplest and easiest way is by using my secure online service, either as a single transaction or on a subscription basis.  A discount applies if you purchase on a subscription basis. You can use either credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or pay direct from your bank account to Granpa BBs bank account.

This “online only” system has worked superbly for over five years now.  I courier my product all over New Zealand and to some overseas customers.

Can I make a corporate or bulk order purchase for either myself or my business?

Yes. Granpa BB’s supplies top end hotels, cafes, B&Bs and lodges throughout New Zealand.

By way of example I supply three Hilton Hotels, three Crowne Plaza Hotels, the Hotel Intercontinental and numerous other hotels throughout the North and South Island.

I make a 5kg and a 20kg pack for those customers and courier them throughout New Zealand.

If you would like to commence a corporate accountant or make a bulk order, please contact me at [email protected] so that we can discuss supply and payment options.

How Can I Pay For My Order?

You simply buy online through our secure payment gateway using either a Visa or Mastercard or you can pay direct from your Bank Account to Granpa BB’s Bank Account.

How Is My Product Packaged?

Your Muesli will arrive packaged in a sturdy, re-sealable, standup laminated plastic pouch.

Transactions & Subscriptions

Is there an advantage in making a subscription order?

Yes – definitely.  If you commence a subscription order for either a fortnightly, monthly or two monthly shipment I will discount the price paid by you by 7% for the first purchase and each future purchase made by this method.

Simply go to the shop and you will see the real savings to be made.

Single transaction — how is it done?

  1. Simply complete the online details by providing credit card (Visa or Master Card) details or complete online-direct bank-to-bank details.
  2. Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive an email from us to confirm that we’ve received your payment and advising the day that your order will be dispatched. Dispatches are normally made each day Monday – Friday (public holidays excepted.)

Subscription transaction — how is it done?


Subscriptions are the preferred method of sale for Granpa BB’s.  Such a system allows for production planning and efficiencies in the administration and dispatch of the product by courier. For you, it takes away the hassle of reordering. Granpa BB’s is confident you will love the product that and it will become a regular feature on your family’s breakfast table.

Note: The discount to you is the 7% for the first purchase and each future purchase made by this method.

And now down to details…

Simply complete the online details by providing credit card (Visa or Master Card) details or complete online-direct bank-to-bank details.

2. Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive an email from us to confirm that we’ve received your payment and advising the day that your order will be despatched.

Note 1: You choose whether you want a fortnightly, monthly or two monthly delivery (called “interval dates”)by purchasing the appropriate option in the shop.

Note 2:  You do not pay a lump sum in advance. Your bank account will only be debited on the interval dates.

3. Upon the second and subsequent interval dates being reached, and after payment has been received by Granpa BB’s, the courier package will be dispatched on the next dispatch day.

4. This process will continue until such time as you cancel, suspend (e.g. an overseas holiday) or modify your order.  You are in control of the ordering and payment process at all times.

Extra reason for making a subscription.

If you enter into a subscription, then Granpa BB’s guarantees that the price will stay the same for the 12 month period after you start – another reason for you to adopt a subscription approach!

Shipping and Returns

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

The shipping cost is included in the price. So we offer Free Delivery to your door within New Zealand. With no hidden costs.

Do You Ship Internationally?

We are happy to sell Granpa BB’s abroad, but we will need to customise payment and delivery arrangements. Please contact us directly at [email protected] to arrange.

How Can I Return A Product?

If for any reason the muesli falls short of your expectations, please return the product to me and I will happily give you a full refund. Granpa BB’s refund policy is clearly printed on every product label.

When Will My Goods Be Delivered?

Granpa BB’s will courier your order to your residential, business or P.O Box (Note: Maximum delivery to a PO Box address is 1kg) address at the first available opportunity once payment has been received.  Courier dispatches are normally made each day – Monday to Friday (public holidays excepted).

The courier service is overnight (Weekends excepted). If your order is received by 9am it will be dispatched that day leading to delivery the following day (Weekends excepted).

All prices are in New Zealand dollars.

Overseas customers — please  contact Granpa BB’s at [email protected] for suitable delivery arrangements to be made.

Any questions we didn’t answer?