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Quite simply a better
breakfast taste
We now do a LITE version
of our delicious muesli
* more than 60% less sugar than
Granpa BB’s original muesli
Peter and Jo Johnstone
Matuka Luxury Lodge
"Granpa BB's is the very best muesli that we have
sourced for our 5 star lodge helping us to become
Trip Advisor 2019 Number 1 in NZ and Number 20
in the World (BB/Inn Category).

Our guests absolutely love Granpa BB's, and we love to
talk about the wonderful story behind the brand, a great
honest product that we thoroughly and genuinely

Premium homemade toasted muesli – jam packed with goodness

Do you want an awesome kick start to your day?

Well, treat your taste buds to the unique taste of Granpa BB’s toasted muesli — a breakfast cereal that’s been in the making since Granpa BB, aka Frank Hogan, began making his own homemade muesli over 45 years ago.

Granpa BB’s toasted muesli is packed with 28 ingredients and is especially developed for those who seek maximum benefit from the most important meal of the day — breakfast. View our breakfast recipe to learn more.


Why is Granpa BBs better than other toasted muesli?

3 Prime Reasons:

1. Better Tasting

Simply put, Granpa BB’s tastes better than other muesli. This is because 60% of the product consists of fruit, seeds,nuts and honey – and then there is the toasting mix – honey (from the South Island High Country), maple syrup, natural vanilla extract, cinnamon.. the list goes on and on.


The sheer volume, variety and quality of these ingredients form the foundation of Granpa BB’s unique breakfast experience.

2. Fewer Rolled Oats

There are also fewer rolled oats than in normal muesli, but still plenty — 20 % in fact — and they are blended with other healthy cereals (bran, oatbran, wheatgerm).

3. Special Toasting Mixture

Before toasting, the cereals and seeds are drizzled with a delicious mixture of Sunflower oil, honey, maple syrup, natural vanilla and cinnamon.

What Our Customers Say

“Absolutely the best muesli I have had..”

Lauraine Jacobs – Food Editor, NZ Listener