The year 2020 brought the challenge of the COVID crisis. Like many enterprises I had to consider how my muesli business might develop and continue to prosper in the new reality of the COVID world. I decided that a further muesli option for my customers would be desirable.

I set about designing a fresh version of my ORIGINAL recipe – but one that was to be significantly cheaper. So my 2020 BLEND has been created.

This muesli still retains the same 28 delicious ingredients that are the distinguishing feature of my ORIGINAL product – the change to my 2020 BLEND is that I have scaled back on the more costly items such as some of the expensive fruits, nuts, maple syrup etc. and I have increased the proportions of the cheaper ingredients such as the cereals, seeds and some fruit – for example more papaya.

The end result is still a great muesli but one that can be offered at a price approximately one third cheaper than my flagship ORIGINAL muesli. ORIGINAL remains the Platinum standard muesli but 2020 BLEND definitely meets the Gold standard – OR – If you prefer a “motoring” comparison – ORIGINAL is the Rolls Royce model and 2020 is the BMW model – both fantastic choices!

I do hope you will enjoy this further breakfast offering.

Granpa BB’s Guarantee

If for any reason the muesli falls short of your expectations, please return the product to me and I will happily give you a full refund.
– Frank Hogan (Granpa BB)

What Our Customers Say

“Absolutely the best muesli I have had..”

Lauraine Jacobs – Food Editor, NZ Listener